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Month: June 2018

Nutritionist within… Listen to your body.

Nutritionist within… Listen to your body.

We all know, bestseller books on the latest diet, nutrition and wellness ‘must do’s’ flood the internet offering a variety of approaches and much to consider. While many of these authors, fitness gurus and people have discovered what works for them, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’ll work for you. The more knowledge we gain, the more confidence we have to tap into our nutritionist within and to serve our own unique needs or what foods work best for our body.

Something to consider when looking to make life long changes is season, environment, metabolism, activity level, age and sex. There are so many factors that come into play and just when we think we have it all figured out, our bodies change! Ultimately the best way to serve our own unique nutritional needs is to empower ourselves with knowledge, listen to our bodies and respond with healthy, nourishing choices.

Our ability to choose goes a long way. Without this knowledge, we are vulnerable to deceptive marketing and labeling, and easily influenced by time saving cooking techniques and appliances that diminish the nutritional value of our food and can introduce harmful elements.

When choosing foods consider not only the source of your food, but the consequences to your health. Shiny red raspberries in the the winter call us, but a good question to ask, is where do they come from? The source of raspberries is a warm, sunny faraway place. To withstand the long journey from farm to shelf and continue to look fresh and perfect, what raspberry can stay preserved for that duration? And another question, what if you eat genetically modified raspberries or non organic raspberries? Will they help you stay warm and provide you with the nutrients you’d get from a local farm? If you can, you’re better off relying on fruits, and vegetables that are in season to keep you in balance. Here’s a list of vegetables in season

Intention is equally difficult to cultivate and just as important to improving health. Before you walk into a grocery store, a restaurant or even your own kitchen, pause take a deep breath and connect with the intention to select only foods that serve you. The goal is to say no to junk foods and fill the pantry and your body with healthy foods. If you make the healthier choice at the store, you won’t be faced with making it every time you open your pantry.

Lastly, we’ve got to suspend our judgement about food and nutrition. Perhaps you believe that all fats are bad, or that certain foods are more appealing over mealtime than others. These notions can be handed down through marketing or the industry. Ceral and toast may be an easy grab in the morning, but do they really provide us with complex nutrition we need to get through our day?

Health improvements can be developed through habits, reducing stress on our bodies and increasing efficiency. All in all the more you know about your food, and your body, the easier you can maintaining a healthy balance and distinguish the foods that harm from those that heal.