SlimRoast Coffee

SlimRoast Coffee

SlimRoast Optimum is designed to work in conjunction with everyday life. If you follow the details on the six day started experience you will know how to best use the 6 day experience to what we believe will maximize the effectiveness of the SlimRoast Optimum experience. 

Step one. Commit to trying one packet per day, intending to try SlimRoast Optimum six days in a row. 

Step two. You’re building awareness. Knowing that SlimRoast will eliminate cravings of sugar; eat normally but watch what you eat. Avoid if possible excessive amounts of white sugar, pastas, starches and alcohol as these things will make your body work harder to loose weight. 

Step three. Once you’re aware of what you’re eating during the day start to notice changes or lack of changes in your body by allowing the product to do its job. Weight measure or take pictures of yourself and start to notice a difference in the size of your clothing

Step four. Always drink water before and after a cup of SlimRoast which flushes the toxins from the body. 

Step Five. Continue to drink the product. 

Sometimes it takes two months to loose 27 pounds and sometimes it takes more, but generally it’s easy to loose five pounds in one week and if this is the case-share the news. Make a list of people you know that might benefit from loosing 5,10,15 or 20 pound. These results are the true testimony to the product and will inspire others to loose weight as well. If this is not the case-consider eliminating sugar, white starches, alcohol completely from your diet for a season (if you can), or make sure not to eat 90 minutes after you drink the coffee and be consistent with one or two instant packets a day. 

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