Fun fact introducing, the world’s first ever patented natural carbohydrate manager – EMULIN+. It is a proprietary blend of natural ingredients tested and proven to neutralize the carbs and sugar we put in our body everyday. Safe to use even for babies & pregnant women & helps manage diabetes naturally! It helps the body aid and prevent the following diseases:


• Lowers the risk of diabetes• Helps in weight loss• Anti-aging – fights free radicals at cellular level• Prevents organ inflammation & deterioration• Helps prevent major diseases which feed on sugar like cancer• Helps regulate blood pressure• Helps prevent cardiovascular diseases• Increases energy level• Improves quality of sleep• Prevents joint inflammation• Accelerates muscle recovery

It’s the world’s first carbohydrate manager that helps your body manage the large number of refined carbohydrates at intra-cellular level – starch and sugar that we consume in our daily diet. Eating too much carbs and sugar is harmful to our body.

When we consume too many refined carbohydrates, especially sugar and starch this excess carbs leads us to “carb toxicity” – increased blood sugar, elevated blood fats, excessive weight gain, poor sleep, sluggish physical and mental energy. Prolonged excess carb intake leads to inflammation – the root cause of most disease.

They called this “finding” Emulin. Short for ’emulating insulin’. The name seemed appropriate to Dr. Joe because that is exactly what he discovered. A mix of all-natural plant based compounds that when consumed created physiological changes in the human body that mimicked the actions of insulin.

Ingredients of Emulin

The 3 active ingredients in the original formulation of Emulin are Quercetin, Myricetin and Chlorogenic Acid. The discovery by Dr. Joe Ahrens is not just the ingredients, but the way they work together. Although intended to be included in our diets by nature, they are no longer found together except in Emulin. This is part of the Emulin Plus patent.

But that’s not happening without Emulin. Without Emulin, the body sees these carbs and sugars as toxins, and they get dumped into our cells instead of our blood. Primarily into the fat tissue, where they sit. All sorts of bad things happen with these carbs and sugars sitting dormant in the cells like that. For one thing, you get fat.

The cell dumping also creates inflammation. Inflammatory signals get released when the body senses toxins present. This is a constant daily barrage know as low grade inflammation. But it compounds and builds into chronic inflammation. And as you might know chronic inflammation is often accompanied by illnesses and diseases.

Someone once said, Emulin is a supplement that makes sugar behave. It’s a great analogy. When sugars behave, they go into the blood stream and get carried to places that benefit from them. Feeding the muscles and brain. The excess gets purged out through sweat and urine. 

The sugars though, need help getting there. They have a better path to travel on, but they still need to go the right way. So they get chaperoned and Emulin sees to it.

And as stated above, if left alone, and not carried away, our bodies treat these sugars as poison. They get deposited into our fat cells, where they turn into fat, and where they omit constant inflammatory signals. This constant barrage of inflammatory signals eventually becomes “chronic inflammation”. It can be deadly, and it’s something that most of us have.

After all said and done, Dr. Joe Ahrens is now the sole owner of Emulin. He bought his partners out long ago. (see video below) And a lot has transpired since they identified compounds know as ‘sugar chaperones.’

Joe Ahrens mission is to get Emulin into the hands of as many people as humanly possible by taking his product from discovery to manufacturing and delivery.

Their original thought was for it to be a food additive, except that it turned into a nightmare trying to satisfy all the rules and regulations that go along with that. It would have been another 10 year project.

So they put it in some stores like GNC, which didn’t work. Dr. Ahren’s knows Emulin needs proper promotion. People need education on it so they realize how it can affect their health. 

informative video about emulin

The Story of Emulin:

  • The conditions that led to the Emulin discovery came by accident years ago.
  • While working on a grapefruit study Joe Ahrens noticed something peculiar. There was something happening that was mimicking insulin activity.
  • Dr. Joe, being the scientist that he is, became bound and determined to find out what was going on. He would get to the bottom of it no matter what.
  • The doctors established ATM Metabolic as their home base to work through.
  • The next several years were dedicated to identifying and isolating the compounds responsible for this insulin like activity.
  • Finally they found what they were looking for.
  • They called it Emulin … short for emulating insulin.
  • Emulin is now on the market and becoming more popular every day.
  • Some say it is the most significant health discovery of modern times.
  • Lives are changing for the better.

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