About Maddie

About Maddie

Maddie James is a native of Boulder Colorado and is alum of the University of Utah. She began her dance training at the age of 8 with Boulder Ballet. After college, at age 21, Maddie moved to NYC and began working for Tracy Anderson, dancing with Exit 12 Ballet company and fit modeling for Naked, Nike and Footlocker. Maddie now resides in Boulder, CO, working as a housekeeper, studying ballet, and teaching Pilates. I love helping others learn how to find inner peace and happiness. 

Boulder, CO 80303 | 303.653.2310 

Exceptional dancer and model well-versed in all aspects of theater and performance. Personable model-dancer seeks a position with a dynamic team with opportunities for continuing professional development. Comprehensive background includes over 10 years in the entertainment industry. Reliable and charismatic with a positive outlook and a great sense of humor. 

Wellness coach
Strong problem solver
Strong work ethic
Energetic Responsible
Reliable – routine oriented

27 Waist
33 Hips
Shoe 7 Blonde
Blue eyes
Ballet dancer
Certified Pilates Teacher

While maintaining a job as a housekeeper, I have been an extra in Gossip Girl, Power and Flesh and Bones. As well as was a Fit and Print Model for MSA (now State Model Management) and Modeltainment. I have walked in Nolcha New York Fashion Week 2013 with Samantha Cole Jackie Rogers Esquire TV BRAND & Grammy for Autumn Hawk in NYFW 2015. I study ballet and Pilates regularly, love Gyrotonics and teach Pilates 3-5 hours a week. Recently was casted in Boulder Ballet’s production of Cinderella as the evil step mother. I reside in Boulder, CO. 

Videos of center work:

* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yKBwqpHhfUc
* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FOwOmkPvJOw
2019- Ballet dancer – Boulder Ballet’s Step Mother in Cinderella – Boulder, CO
2012 – Ballet dancer- Roman Baca’s Exit 12 Nutcracker- Corps de Ballet . -New York City, NY
2012 – Ballet dancer -Denver Ballet Theater’s Nutcracker – Corps de Ballet – Denver, CO
2012 – Ballet dancer appearing in Artificial Intellidance.
May 2012-July 2014
Ballet Teacher
Entrepreneur for www.dancedork.com 

Pilates and Fitness
2019- Pilates Instructor at the YMCA and privately in Boulder ,CO
2017-2018 – Pilates Instructor for Kelsey Mercer at Roots Mind Body and Fitness – Flagstaff, AZ
2016-2017 – Pilates Instructor self employed – Long Island, NY
2009-2017 Tracy Anderson Method dance fitness instructor teaching classes and private clients for Tracy Anderson Method – New York City

Fit Lifestyle and Print Model
MSA and Modeltainment
– New York City, NY
2014-2017 -Fit Modelfor Naked, Footlocker, Kirkland
2014 -2017 – Showroom Model for Nike and Matina’s Bridal at New York International Bridal week
2015- Walked for NYFW – Esquire TV &Grammy and Autumn Hawk
2014 – Walked for NYFW Jackie Rogers
2014 – Walked for NYFW Samantha Cole at Nolcha Rusk 
https://www.notjustalabel.com/designer/samantha-cole- l london 

Model Extra
Central Castings – New York City, NY
2012 & 2013 – Model Extra
on ‘Gossip Girl’ for episodes 16, 19 & 22
2012 – Extra Party Mingler on ‘Power’
2014 – Extra Stripper Model for ‘Flesh and Bone’ 

Started ballet with Boulder Ballet at age eight
Studied with Colorado Ballet
2009 Bachelor of Arts: Ballet Performance/Teaching University of Utah – Salt Lake City, UT, USA
1997-2016 – Attended summer dance programs in hopes of securing a position in their company as well as participated in ballet workshop with Boston Ballet, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Perry Mansfield, Boulder Ballet Jazz Workshop, Boulder Ballet, Colorado Ballet, Steps on Broadway and Peridance.
2015- Present – Studying Buddhism and Meditation with the New Kadampa Tradition in Long Island, NY, Houston, and Flagstaff AZ. 

Sharee Lane, Jane Wood, or Maureen Laird
College Ballet Teachers
330 1500 E #106, Salt Lake City, UT 84112
(801) 581-8231

Ana Claire Davidson
Current Ballet Teacher at Boulder Ballet

Peggy Merrill
Current Pilates Manager at the YMCA
Sr. Health and Wellness Director of Northern Colorado
Serving Northern Front Range for 145 Years
2800 Dagny Way, Lafayette, CO 80026
(P) 303-664-5455, ext. 3800
(E) peggy.merrill@ymcanoco.orgwww.ymcanoco.org

Charles Kalish
Current Gyrotonics Teacher: