This dance was called Artificial Intellidance explaining how the mind works through machines, through music, movement and dialogue. This TEDEX talk was created for and by Apoorv Agarwa a computer science enthusiasts, (and more), and Caitlin Trainor a Mom, dancer, choreographer, teacher.
An audition video I created with my teacher Emilietta Ettlin of center work | Feb 25, 2011
An audition video I created with my teacher Emilietta Ettlin | Feb 25, 2011
My idol. All time favorite pas de duex with Maria Korowski and Charles Askegard City Ballet – 1999. <3 <3 <3
Caracter an V Academia Rusa de Balet "A.Vaganova"

Las comentariile in seama domniilor voastre! Muzica P.I.Ceaikovsky (Russian Dance)! Examen caracter, an V balet (clasa a IX-a) la Academia Rusa de Balet, "Agrippina Vaganova", Sankt Petesburg!

Posted by Christian Eliade Mindris on Monday, June 1, 2015
This is the folk version of the Russian Dance from Swan Lake. A beautiful version of this dance.

A dance created by Mara Driscoll in NYC

2005: Age 17. While auditioning for the Royal Ballet back in the day I discovered a VHS tape with @johankobborg ā€žVariations by Auguste Bournonvilleā€œ which inspired me to learn these small variations and give them a spin.

Posted by Daniil Simkin on Friday, November 22, 2019
A beautiful dance by Daniil Simkim’s father when he was 13 years old.

Some tips for when you’re tired.

A quick read, the link above, for anyone looking for some extra mindful tips on how to cultivate a descent mindset when you’re tired. If it’s not tv, and junk food you seek when you’ve had enough, make it personal and substitute in your happy place or what you want to do ‘only’ or ‘most often’ when you’re tired.

Think point #1 is the most important, especially for athletes.
Understanding your body’s current fatigue, muscle soreness, lactic acid build up and/or tightness are the research aspect into assessing how to work for that day. Working efficiently and intelligently is key to prevent injuries, increase strength, stamina, flexibility, and happiness, day after day, after day!