Herbal Teas

Herbal Teas

Chamomile Tea:

From field to cup traditional mecidinals deliver amazing benefits from plants. Sourced organically from wild herbs with ethical trading partnerships and medicinal grade plants. Daily Herbal Organic Chamomile, Organic Ginger Aid, Organic Everyday Detox, and Organic Nettle Tea are all; USDA organic, caffeine free, wrapped individually made from 100% recycled cardboard, manufactured with a mix if renewable and solar energy as well as all tea bags are Non-GMO and compostable. 

Daily Herbal Organic Chamomile Tea contains 1300mg of Organic Chamomile flower. It’s made up of antioxidants and in the form a daisy like flower from the Asteraceae plant family, a healthy beverage with a variety of health benefits with include; calms the nerves, may aid in helping promote sleep, supports healthy digestion and my lower the risk of several diseases including heart disease and cancer. Chamomile tea is very safe, can be consumed daily and so many people love it for it’s delicious taste and conforming aroma. It’s worth every ounce to include it into your diet. 

*healthline.com*Brianna Elliott RD

Organic Ginger Tea

Organic Ginger Aid is contains 2000mg of a proprietary blend of organic ginger rhizome, organic blackberry leaf, organic stevia leaf, and organic lemon myrtle leaf. This slightly sweet and lemony mild tea is best brewed in luke warm water 115degrees and after it’s sat for at least an hour. The spicy notes celebrated for fast acting digestive comfort sooth, making it an ideal travel companion when you’re on the go! 

Native to Southeast Asia, ginger is common in food and medicine around the world. The ginger plant is rich in natural chemicals that can promote your health and wellness.


As with all herbs, there are many anecdotes for potential benefits, but not guaranteed or effective, all this information is from healthline.com as well we as my own experience with Ginger. 


Inflammation in the body is a sign that something needs healed. It’s our body’s way of protecting itself from germs, chemicals, poor diet or an injury. A lifestyle change may help prevent the build up of inflammation and diet, and exercise will help keep it away for good. Consuming ginger has been found to reduce allergic reactions, soreness in muscles, prevent heart disease,  Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Huntington’s, neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and 

Ginger is filled with antioxidants which fight reactive oxygen species. The antioxidants help ward off oxidative stress which damages our cells. It’s cutting an apple, and letting it be exposed on the counter top all day. By the end of the day the apple will have wilted and brown. Our bodies are very much the same. We produce naturally, ROS, but lifestyle choices like drinking in large quantities of alcohol, smoking, stress or a poor diet will allow you to not see the wonderful effects of antioxidants. 

Antinausea and digestion aid

Cultures around the world regularly take ginger to help ease indigestion, vomiting, and nausea, as well balance blood sugars. If taken regularly, a cup or two of ginger water will help you stay hydrated. 


As with any herb or supplement, ginger may interact poorly with other medication you take. Side effects from ginger are rare but can include the following if ginger is consumed in excess:

  • heartburn
  • gas
  • stomachache
  • burning in the mouth

Don’t consume more than 4 grams of ginger in any given day in any form.

People with heart conditions, diabetes, and gallstones should especially talk with their doctor before taking ginger as a supplement. You should also talk to your doctor about the safety of taking ginger if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or about to have surgery.