When it comes to organizing, 
1. start somewhere. Find a closet or drawer or refrigerator and start going through it. 

2. Keep, Donate or Sell. When you’re going through your closet or project, grab trash bags or boxes and make three piles. Once you’ve filled one bag or box, grab another and keep going until you get your closet to your essentials.

3. Only keep what you love and fits well. Meaning if it doesn’t fit well, or hurts while you’re wearing it, or you’re uncomfortable wearing it, donate it or sell. Whatever you keep, make sure you feel like yourself in it. 

4. Multiples are ok, if you know why you have multiples. We have four spatulas or more in our drawer of utensils. But that’s bc we cook a lot, and need small spatulas for sauces, big for batters. Soft for baking and hard for sautés. But if you have a tendency to buy 10 items instead of one thinking you’ll find a reason for using the other eight for a cheaper price, clear up the space and donate. 

5. Everything has a home. Magazines, cups, computers, toothpaste, bobby-pins, earrings, pillows all have a home, and place to go other than on the countertop. Create spots in drawers, or recycle for things to go when you’re done. 

6. Be productive while you’re organizing, meaning try to stay focused on the project and if it takes you longer than a day or 1/2 day to get a closet going, it just means your lovely project needs more attention. KISS. Keep It Super Simple, is actually a very advanced mindset and takes a lot of practice. Ideally, we want every space in our house to be simple and only the essentials. 

7. Don’t be lazy. Give yourself a week to do your closet. To organize what you’re keeping, donating and selling. Once you’ve finished take your bags to donate, start onto another week of selling the items, and enjoy your space. If boxes and clutter sits frequently in the same spot, stagnant energy builds. Homes and spaces like to flow, so open it up and get to work. You know what to do!